About WSRO

What is WSRO?

The World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO) is an international scientific research organisation globally supported by the sugar industry.

It is constituted as a non-profit making Limited Company registered in England (no. 1355487).

The Mission

The WSRO is dedicated to encouraging a better appreciation of the direct and indirect contribution made by sugar to the nutrition, health and wellbeing of all the populations of the world.

Sugar (sucrose) is a natural product, as the sucrose is unchanged when sugar is separated from its plant source. The sucrose found in sugar cane or sugar beets is identical to the sucrose found throughout the plant kingdom. Sucrose is a unique disaccharide, composed of two monosaccharides, glucose and fructose, which are linked molecularly. Whether contained naturally in foods or extracted from cane and beet, sucrose is a key functional ingredient in a wide variety of foods and a worthwhile constituent of a balanced diet.

Operational Activities

  • WSRO is the only international scientific organisation dedicated to the provision for the sugar industry of accredited research information on the various roles of sugar in nutrition, health and wellbeing.
  • WSRO monitors, assesses and communicates reliable evidence on the direct and indirect roles of sugar in the nutrition, health and wellbeing of different populations.
  • WSRO provides its members with up to date information on all these issues.
  • WSRO represents its Members to international bodies such as the World Health Organization, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the Codex Alimentarius Commission
  • WSRO assists its members in formulating strategies to improve the accuracy of the perception of sugar at national and regional levels.
  • WSRO plays a central coordinating role for its members' scientific activities and research relevant to perceptions of sugar and its uses.
  • WSRO organises major scientific conferences and symposia on sugar involving internationally respected scientists, policy makers and other specialists.
  • The WSRO password protected, Members' Only, web site provides its Members with up to date research data; proceedings of its conferences; and other information and commentary on topical issues affecting the industry.
  • WSRO maintains an extensive and up to date data base on the scientific literature relevant to sugar that is available to Members to search through the Members' Only section of the web site.
  • The public area of the WSRO web site includes information on the WSRO's considered scientific evidence-based positions on a number of topical issues regarding the health and nutritional effects of sugar.
  • WSRO Members receive e-mail alerts when new information is added to the web site that is relevant to their specific interests.
  • Summaries and analysis are provided to Members of any new developments relating to sugar nutrition, health and other issues, including alerts of relevant new reports, conferences or policy decisions affecting the sugar industry.
  • Members are also kept informed of WSRO activities, especially the annual meetings, through e-mail alerts and the web site.
  • WSRO Commissions objective reviews of issues relevant to the industry for publication in the peer-reviewed scientific and academic literature.
  • Liaison between WSRO Members is assured through the regular meetings, especially the annual meetings. These are held in various parts of the world.

Membership of WSRO

Membership of WSRO is open to all enterprises engaged in the production of sugar and their representative organisations, subject to the agreement of Board of Directors, as laid down in the Articles of Association. It is also open to certain other enterprises. Application for membership should be made in writing to the Director-General. There are various classes of Members specified in the Rules of the Organisation. These classes, and the Dues level associated with them, are determined from time to time by the Board of Directors. Factors taken into consideration by the Board are the size of the sugar business represented by the enterprise or association, its proportional contribution to world sugar business, and the stage of economic development of the country in which each enterprise operates.

Further Information

For further information please contact the Director-General at

Milton Hall
Ely Road
CB24 6WZ

E-mail:- info@wsro.org


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